Vision & Values

Our vision is to be known as the world’s most inventive and effective industrial automation company.

Team meeting

We will achieve this by challenging automation’s status quo and delivering bespoke problem-solving engineering solutions.

The beliefs and behaviours we apply at Sewtec Automation are as follows:

People powered

Our people’s hearts and minds drive our continued success.

It’s the reason we’re committed to supporting and empowering everyone to achieve more.

Inspirational invention

Complex problems require inspirational invention to solve them.

We pride ourselves on embracing the engineering challenges that others will not or cannot tackle.

Above and beyond

Excellent service sets us apart.

We go above and beyond because we know it’s what makes and sustains successful relationships.

Robust reliability

We have worked hard to earn a reputation for the robust reliability of our people and inventive solutions.

But we will never take our reputation for granted.

Always better

We invent, solve problems, positively disrupt and create improvements.

This distinct approach to always being better is key to our ongoing development and expansion.

Tell it straight

Clear communication ensures clarity and consistency in our interactions.

We are open, honest and direct.

It enables us to get to the point and get things done well.