A Sewtec CNC Machinist with Big Mechanical Design Dreams

13 October 2022

At Sewtec, our employees truly make us who we are. That’s why we’re open to providing opportunities and development for our people which allow them to fulfil their true potential.

Today, we want to highlight the support we’re providing to one of our machinists.

Lukasz Kriger, currently a CNC Machinist at Sewtec, has big dreams to become a Mechanical Design Engineer, and we want to help him make them a reality.

26 year-old Lukasz originates from Poland but has been living in the UK for nearly 5 years now. “I’m in the fourth year of my career at Sewtec so far, and I’m very much looking forward to many more” he tells us. “I’m currently a CNC Machinist, meaning I operate and program the range of machines at Sewtec to create high precision milled parts for our customers.”

“I’d love to transition into a career as a mechanical design engineer because I’m intrigued by the process. I like the fact that a relatively simple idea can be designed into a very complex machine, figuring out all the challenges that doing so brings. I’m a person who enjoys a challenge, so it’s perfect for me.”

Sewtec see the drive and potential that Lukasz has for his passion, and so we’re providing him with as much support as he needs to excel during his course. “Sewtec not only found and funded my design course provided by Appris, but they’re also very accommodating with both my coursework and practical work. They’ve made arrangements for me to dedicate one day a week to my theory knowledge, but also a second day to sit and work within the design team, which I think is simply invaluable.”

Over this four-year course, Lukasz plans to gain a HNC in mechanical engineering. “My engineering background led me to consider what direction I wanted to take. I knew it would be in engineering, but Sewtec have helped me narrow down and pursue my dream within the industry.”

We believe in being Better by Invention™, and so the final comment made by Lukasz sums up why we truly believe in investing in our people here at Sewtec:


“I don’t just want to use machines. I want to invent them.”


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