Six System is our proprietary through-life project management process.

Each stage ensures we are able to invent a specialist automation system to meet the exact needs of your business.


1. Discover

We work closely with clients to discover and assess their specific automation needs, requirements and commercial objectives

2. Invent

We harness the inventors across our business in design and engineering to determine a solution to solve the automation challenges our clients are facing

3. Prove

We then move to proof of concept to ensure our solution will be robust and resilient whilst delivering performance improvement

4. Build

Once we have proof of concept, we undertake the phased manufacture and build before commissioning and testing our systems

5. Install

We ship and install our systems anywhere in the world, commissioning and testing them as a production line to ensure they deliver optimum efficiencies

6. Support

Once installed, we provide a comprehensive global service and support function for our systems through Sewtec Care.