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Sewtec can fully refurbish customers’ old machinery and, very often, can modernise it by adding the latest control technology to increase the lifespan and reliability of equipment.

Customers benefit not simply from general machine refurbishment but also from Sewtec engineers’ many years of experience and knowledge of electrical control and servo motion applications.

This can be a cost-effective solution for customers with machines which, though mechanically sound, incorporate dated and often unsupportable control systems.

So instead of buying new, customers can choose a less expensive alternative by replacing and upgrading control systems, often incorporating servo motion control to areas of the machinery.

During a refurb project customers can also take the opportunity to size change most types of packaging machinery.

Refurbishments or upgrades Sewtec has carried out typically include work on:

– Palletizers
– Carton Erectors
– Parcellers
– Flow wrapping machines