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When Sewtec automated machinery is ready for delivery to customers, following thorough testing on our premises, we focus on the need to minimise any impact which installation could have on production output.

Our  nominated Project Manager, who will have taken full responsibility for co-ordinating the design, manufacture and pre-delivery testing of the equipment,  consults the customer not only on the timing of delivery but on every aspect of installation.   Agreed action points are then communicated to our installation engineers.

They, along with all other engineers within the company, have attended all appropriate health, safety and food hygiene courses and hold current contractor passports.

Before any machinery is installed Sewtec draws up all necessary documentation, such as risk assessments with all machinery conforming to and carrying the CE regulation marking.

We fully recognise the importance of Health and Safety requirements for machinery and use an in-house computer system to produce all the documentation required.

Rather than feel concerned about the possible disruption which the installation of new machinery could cause, our customers can be confident that Sewtec’s installation engineers know exactly what they are doing.

Perhaps that’s why a customer recently told us that an installation we carried out in his factory was ‘one of the more pleasurable experiences.’