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Many Sewtec Automation clients, including major household name companies, use our highly confidential research and development services.

They may be considering introducing a new product line or improving an existing product, so they need to consider in depth the manufacturing process and cost implications.

Sewtec’s R&D facility is located close to our main premises but is in a separate, secure building which only authorised senior staff are permitted to enter.   Other than our clients, no visitors are allowed entry.

Our relationship with clients is built upon trust.  They know they can depend entirely upon our integrity, ensuring that their R&D work is carried out in the strictest confidence and security.

Research and development can take many months, sometimes up to a year.   In the later stages of a project our R&D engineers will build a test rig to confirm that a problem has been solved or that a new production process will operate in line with client specifications.  Only when our client is entirely satisfied do we then build the machinery they require.