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Good engineers are like great surgeons. They set themselves high personal standards, pursue them with passion and take a great deal of pride in their work.

Sewtec’s founders were sewing machine engineers for Singer.   They not only ensured that machines ran smoothly but also developed their capabilities and technologies.

Looking to diversify they turned their skills to the automotive industry, where engineering skills drive innovation, design and performance.

They spread their skills even further by developing automatic and robotic equipment for companies in the FMCG industries….that’s ‘Fast Moving Consumer Goods’ to the acronym averse among you!

So today’s Sewtec engineers are as familiar with meeting the demands of customers in the food, confectionery and pharmaceutical sectors as they are of those in packaging or tobacco product manufacturing.

Precision engineering –  designed, manufactured and installed by precise engineers.

That’s not Sewtec’s vision statement.  It defines what we do.