Automation in food manufacturing and packaging

The food industry requires automated packaging systems which can process large volumes at high speeds to meet the supply chain demand.

Food packaging systems are required at different stages of a production line. Firstly, primary packaging is required to wrap or enclose a naked product. Secondary packaging is used to pack products into cases or cartons, before the products are packed into a larger case and palletised for distribution. All of these automated systems must operate in a time efficient manner to support the entire supply chain.

There also needs to be accountability for the condition, quality, and overall food safety of packaging. This means reliable and robust food packaging automation is a requirement for manufacturers.

Specialist support from Sewtec Automation

At Sewtec Automation, we invent, design, manufacture, install, and support automated packaging systems for the food industry. Our packaging solutions can improve the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of your packaging line and enhance the overall quality of the packaged product.

We are a turnkey solutions provider, which allows us to develop unique food packaging systems to meet production line requirements. Our experience allows us to create high-speed automated lines to improve efficiencies focused on food packaging solutions.

Sewtec also supplies and deploys track and trace technology to food packaging production lines. Our systems apply unique coding to your food product to showcase its shelf life and ensure the freshest products are available to the consumer. Using track and trace enables food manufacturers to efficiently manage the recall process in the event of a quality control issue.

Our team has experience in developing food industry automation to meet the required legislation and regulatory standards. We have extensive working knowledge of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. 

Flexible packaging systems for food manufacturers

Sewtec Automation’s automated food packaging solutions make us the correct partner to help you achieve an efficient production line.

Primary and secondary packaging

Our turnkey primary and secondary food packaging solutions are designed to run at high speeds and reliable efficiency levels. We design and build packaging systems to meet the demands of your operation and production processes.

Carton erector machine

Any carton erector machine we design and build guarantees high performance, flexibility and operator friendly access. Our automated food packaging solutions efficiently open, fold, form, and seal cartons.

Case packing machine

We design and build case packing machines to improve productivity during the manufacturing process. Our experience enables us to build packaging solutions to handle a variety of food products during the case packing stage.

Track and trace

To ensure products can be tracked and traced through the supply chain, our serialisation systems apply unique coding to your food packaging during the primary, secondary, and transit stages. This allows for improving efficiencies within the quality control process.

Case loading machine

For any end-of-line packaging machines, we provide unique case loading and palletising solutions to improve efficiencies. Our automated food packaging systems can easily be integrated into existing production lines and designed to meet the requirements of your space.

Cutting technology

We implement a variety of cutting technologies within production lines to ensure the cleanest and most precise cut can be achieved. These include rotary blade, guillotine, ultrasonic, and laser.

Product handling

We design and manufacture product handling technology, such as pick and place, to enhance food packaging solutions.


To offer flexible and configurable packaging automation, we have a range of automated robot solutions to meet customer needs. We are able to integrate third-party partner robots into our turnkey systems, including ABB, KUKA, FANUC, Yaskawa, Staubli, and Schneider Electric.

Mid-process buffer systems

For continuous food packaging systems, we develop mid-process buffer systems to meet your requirements. This includes First In, Last Off (FILO) and First In, First Off (FIFO) solutions.

Research and Development (R&D)

Our in-house R&D provisions allow us to advise on creating Design For Automation (DFA) food packaging.

Food packaging solutions case studies

At Sewtec Automation, we pride ourselves on inventing food packaging systems for global blue-chip clients to enhance production lines. Our high-speed machines improve efficiencies and increases output levels to meet the requirements of food manufacturers.

Find out more about the automated food packaging systems we’ve invented by reading this case study on a biscuit packaging machine.