Sewtec & KayDee Solutions join forces in the Middle East

31 March 2022

At Sewtec Automation, we are very proud to have partnered with food processing solutions company KayDee Solutions, based in the heart of Dubai.

KayDee Solutions specialise in full specification, supply, installation and service support for industry, food and beverage process and packaging equipment for the Middle East, concept through to implementation. We were approached by Dan Perry, Managing Director at KayDee Solutions who heard about us and the work we do through a mutual friend. 

Dan understood that the Middle East had been crying out for more automation for a number of years. He had experienced first-hand the large volume of production opportunities in the area, made all the more pertinent by the COVID-19 pandemic that really shone a light on the need for automation and the potential it has to mitigate the cost of employees being off sick. 

After a visit to Dubai, we too realised the sheer scope of opportunity both there and in Saudi. Our expert team have the knowledge and innovation needed to invent and provide a huge level of automation options to companies within the food industry to make their day-to-day more efficient.

We’ll be leaning on KayDee Solutions to source opportunities in the Middle East for us to take on; be that improving the output of existing equipment for those who may not have the investment for a brand new machine or whole new solutions for those that do. In addition, our worldwide contracts with large companies within the food industry will help KayDee Solutions form new business relationships and contacts.

“I have been blown away by Sewtec’s capabilities and the level of options that they can provide,” says Dan Perry. “After just three meetings with both Sewtec and various companies out here in Dubai, I have never seen such a positive reaction. Everyone is so excited by the answers and solutions that Sewtec can bring to the problems of manufacturers in the Middle East. We really feel that Sewtec have the ability to change everything – and this is just the start.”

Paul Johnson, Sales Director at Sewtec Automation added, “The partnership between Sewtec and KayDee Solutions just makes perfect sense. We each have the tools to truly help each other succeed and reach new markets and in turn, new heights. We are so excited to welcome Dan to our facilities in the UK in April to get the ball rolling on this fantastic partnership.”

KayDee Solutions joins numerous other partners and agents worldwide, making up a huge network of specialist support for Sewtec’s systems and customers. Find out more about Sewtec’s global presence.