Siddall & Hilton invest in automation with Sewtec

28 June 2022

Sewtec are proud to announce that the market leader in the UK for welded wire mesh manufacturing, Siddall & Hilton, have recently invested in two automation projects with Sewtec to streamline their processes and accelerate them on their journey to being world-class in their industry.

Brighouse-based Siddall & Hilton are market leaders for the manufacture of welded wire mesh for high-security fencing including industrial and construction applications. Founded back in 1895 as a wire-drawing company, Siddall & Hilton has evolved enormously over the last 120+ years and today is on a journey to become one of the industry leaders of welded wire mesh globally.

In order to reach this global goal, Siddall & Hilton recognised that automation was an important part of the puzzle and this is where we at Sewtec came in. Not only would investing in automation allow them more time to focus on driving the business forward to the level they desire but it would allow them to modernise their business and keep ahead of their competitors.

Siddall & Hilton approached Sewtec with a requirement for a robot to automate the process of packaging and banding their finished product. When mesh fencing panels are manufactured, they sit on a pallet and are secured to the pallet by either steel or plastic banding. The robot utilised picks up the fencing panels from an existing welding machine, places them onto the pallet and then once full, the pallet is automatically transferred through to an automated banding part of the process. Whereas previously operators would have had to undertake each of these steps manually, a fully packaged product is dispensed at the end of the line.

This automation project kicked off around June 2021 and we are now approaching the factory acceptance stage before installing the production line in early July, ready for the automation to be fully operational during August. 

The second project that  Sewtec are also working on is an automated pallet assembly system to complement the packaging and banding of the wire mesh.

Andy Dawson, Operations Director at Siddall & Hilton says, “We looked at three different companies to help us undertake this automation project, however, Sewtec were by far the standout in terms of their presentation, concept, level of know-how and their communication. They have been so professional from the beginning of the relationship, right through to today. This is pretty much the first step into robotics for Siddall & Hilton. This project is more sophisticated than anything we’ve done before and, all being well, this is only the beginning of what we can achieve together with Sewtec”.

Andy Perks, Head of Sales at Sewtec commented, “We’re absolutely delighted to be working with Siddall & Hilton. The two businesses align perfectly and we’re off to a great start on this automation journey. With so much scope for future endeavours together, watch this space.”

Do you have an automation project in the works and need a global team of experts in your corner to make things happen? Get in touch with us at Sewtec today and let us transform your processes.