Automated cutting technologies

When it comes to cutting products within a production line, manufacturers require systems which can offer high levels of precision, accuracy, and speed.

To enhance operational efficiencies, the use of automated cutting machines is key. From the personal care sector requiring machines to temper and harden razor blades to pet food manufacturers needing to cut dog chews, there’s a need to ensure a clean and precise cut.

Clean and precise cutting technologies by Sewtec Automation

Sewtec Automation has extensive experience in inventing, designing, manufacturing, installing, and supporting a range of automated cutting machines to enhance production lines.

Using the latest cutting technologies, we manufacture cutting automation solutions which operate at high speeds, whilst also offering high standards of precision, accuracy, and a clean quality of cut. Our systems are designed to be robust and reliable and ensure any wear and tear is minimal until the blade requires replacing.

When required, we can create systems for hardening and tempering materials, especially for those products which require strong materials, such as razor blades. All our mechanical cutting systems are designed to include blades that are easy to remove, with an extraction system which makes the disposal of debris simple.

We use automated cutting technologies with longevity at the forefront to give you that added peace of mind. Our after-sales support also means that once your cutting blade is no longer performing at the optimum levels desired, we have the spare parts to replace it.

Offering automated cutting technologies to meet your requirements

To create a solution which works within your production line, we create cutting technology automation using varying techniques to give you the desired end result.

Wafer cut and place

We have extensive experience in manufacturing wafer cut and place machinery for global clients in the confectionery sector. Our cutting automation cuts wafers accurately into the desired number of blocks and to both the correct width and length.

Static blade cutting

To enable high speed and precision, our automated static blade cutting technology cleanly cuts products as desired.

Rotary blade cutting

Adding flexibility to your production, our rotary blade cutting systems are suited to all industries and can improve the accuracy and precision of your product cutting.


Our trepanning systems allow the removal of a solid core from a piece of round bar or material. We design machines to operate at different radiuses to meet your specific requirements.

Ultrasonic cutting

When fitted with ultrasonic tools, our cutting machines are able to handle a range of difficult materials in varying thickness to offer an accurate and precise cutting requirement. These systems use ultrasonic energy to cut through objects.

Guillotine systems

To guarantee a clean cut of a product across a variety of sectors, our systems can operate using guillotine cutting technologies.

Walking beam cutters

We use walking beam cutters which move products along your production line via a beam in the direction of the cutting equipment.

Inline product cutting with servo control

To control the speed of a cutting process, we utilise product cutting systems with servo control whilst the product is inline with the tool.

Our experience in cutting system automation

At Sewtec Automation, our in-house capabilities and experience in creating turnkey product cutting systems means we’re the perfect partner for your next project.

Find out more about projects we’ve completed across a range of sectors by reading our case studies.