Product handling systems

Effective product handling systems ensure the smooth transition of a product from one piece of machinery to another. The way in which a product is handled can make or break a manufacturer’s ability to deliver a quality product in a time-efficient manner.

From handling extremely high volumes of food items to maximise line efficiency, to delicately moving intricate, high-value medical devices, the transition of a product from one piece of machinery to another is key to Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Automated product handling systems

Effective automated product handling systems comprise a variety of modules capable of diverting, distributing, and aligning a product within the production line to ensure the accuracy and speed of the process is maintained at all times.

Diverting solutions range from pneumatic gating systems to high-speed diverters for continuous production. Standard options allow for product distribution between four conveyor legs, or a bespoke solution can be developed for production or packaging lines where increased throughput is required.

To accommodate any necessary short-stop outages, machine buffer stores can be assembled with a vertical or a horizontal layout, and either in a first in, first out (FIFO) or first in, last out (FILO) format.

Efficient and effective product handling systems by Sewtec Automation

Our specialist team of industrial automation integrators and in-house software engineers are highly skilled in designing and installing product testing, inspection, and verification systems to achieve the highest possible quality of a finished product.

We have a rich history of supplying product handling systems to some of the most demanding industries around the globe. Each industry has its own set of specialist requirements and our understanding of these has solidified our position as a key supplier of product handling systems.

We design and build our automated product handling systems to meet specific customer requirements, from transferring fragile medical devices with extreme care, to processing hundreds of food products every minute within a limited space.

Our in-house expertise allows us to create automated product handling systems which ensure speed, accuracy and quality as standard. Our inventive solutions are designed to maximise the OEE of your production lines.

Product handling sub-systems

When inventing our automated product handling machines, we draw upon a range of core machine modules and sub-systems to develop a solution which meets your precise requirements.

Row aligner

Critical to any automated product packaging process, our row aligners ensure the product is correctly aligned in the direction of flow so the process can be carried out at speed.

Row feeder

Our row feeders will ensure products are accurately and efficiently collated into groups before they are fed into their intended packaging.

Lane doubler

We include lane doublers within automated product handling systems where there is a requirement for the line to process double the number of products simultaneously.

Diverging tables

The diverging tables we use within our machines enable your process to segregate the product into two distinct lanes as it travels along your manufacturing line.

Converging tables

Our converging tables bring two lanes of product together into a single lane as it travels along your manufacturing line.

First in, first out (FIFO) buffers

We can offer a first in, first out (FIFO) buffer, which collates a number of products before releasing them in the order in which they were gathered.

First in, last out (FILO) buffers

Our first in, last out (FILO) buffers enable you to collate a number of products at a set point along your production line before releasing them in reverse order to the next phase of your process.

Plaque feeders

Our plaque feeders are well-suited to the food and confectionery industries, offering the ability to simultaneously transport product while separating excess coating or seasoning via a griddle.

Vibratory feeders

Our vibratory feeders are used to feed components from a bowl into an assembly machine, with controlled vibration forcing the parts onto a feed track.

Centrifugal feeders

Our centrifugal feeders are designed for applications where components need to be handled gently and at high speeds.

Multilane vibration feeders

Using a combination of controlled vibration and multiple lanes ensures a product batch can be handled in a manner which ensures even distribution.

High speed leaflet feeders

Our high-speed leaflet feeders accurately insert required documentation into the packaged product and can be tailored to meet any specific requirement.

Flow wrapped product buffers

The use of a flow wrapped product buffer enables your raw product to be packaged in a film as it travels along the conveyor.

Servo controlled phasing belts

The option of servo control ensures your conveyor belt can process grouped products in phases at a speed to suit your line.

Our experience in product handling automation

At Sewtec Automation, our in-house capabilities and experience in creating turnkey product handling systems means we’re the perfect partner for your next project.

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