Sewtec Care - Through Life Support

Even a minute of downtime can cost your business thousands. To provide the highest standard of through-life support, Sewtec provides Sewtec Care. Sewtec Care is a proactive approach which minimises downtime, extends system operational life and increases the skills of operators and maintainers.

Offered as a standard tiered solution or a bespoke offering and delivered as an annual or discounted multi-year term enables businesses to select the most appropriate level of support to meet operational requirements and budget.

Sewtec is also able to offer machine upgrades and Sewtec Care support packages for existing machines so as to improve performance and extend the life of existing assets.

Sewtec Care can be applied across multiple sites in a fully tailored package to suit your exact requirements.

Support tiers

Level 1 – Entry This starter package provides a significant uplift in service compared to the industry norm of a standard 1-year warranty. Should a more comprehensive package of support be required, this can be upgraded at a discounted rate in the first year.
Level 2 – Plus This tier provides all the same elements but with more site visits, quicker response times, extended working hours and increased discounts.
Level 3 – Premium The ultimate support providing 24/7, 365 days a year cover and the most attractive discounts.
Bespoke Select the support elements you need to meet your business demands.


The support elements of Sewtec Care

24 hour international support hotline

A 24/7 international support hotline is provided to support initial diagnosis, suggested remedies and, if required, arrangements for a site call-out.

Site visit call-outs

Site call-outs will be attended by Sewtec and/or its in-country partner with a range of response times available within the support tiers.

Scheduled maintenance visits

Scheduled maintenance visits encompass all tasks required to keep the system at optimum performance; for example inspection, cleaning, lubrication, configuration adjustments, software updates and review of KPIs.

Software updates

Software updates to maintain system functionality and correct bugs will be provided and installed either remotely or as part of a site visit.

Remote monitoring and diagnostics

Sewtec recommends technology provide by Ewon in all new and upgraded systems to provide a sophisticated suite of remote monitoring and diagnostic tools. The scope of capability be further extended to include video recording, advanced reports and alerts.

Operator and maintainer training

The training approach includes on-the-machine and classroom training sessions covering system operation and maintenance tasks, which can be repeated at regular intervals for new staff or as a refresher for existing staff. Also included are “train the trainer” sessions to enable customer experts to conduct ongoing training.

Extended warranty

A normal use warranty covering workmanship and materials is included in all support tiers for year 1 and, where the support package is extended, year 2. For years 3 and beyond, Sewtec will extend the warranty on its parts and will use best endeavours to achieve a similar agreement with third-party parts and bought-out items.


Discounts are offered on spares, ad-hoc visit requests and system enhancements implemented by any combination of mechanical, electrical or software changes. The discount amount increases from Level 1 to Level 3.

Other elements

The following elements will be provided as required within the support packages:

  • Manuals updates
  • Training material updates
  • Equipment hire in support of site visits
  • Specialist third-party services in support of site visits
  • All travel and subsistence costs in support of site visits

Not a Sewtec machine?

Even if your machine was not originally manufactured by Sewtec we can help you with Sewtec Care and in doing so you also get access to preferential rates and priority service for upgrades and spares.

So instead of sending old machines to landfill, talk to Sewtec about how we can add bespoke elements to your existing machine to improve functionality, reliability, maintainability, and speed (often by more than the original OEM).

Where we are unable to procure parts, Sewtec can reverse engineer them. Our onsite, state-of-the-art 3D measuring facilities can deliver a replacement part when you need it.

More than that, we can offer you a free consultation to discuss how we can upgrade automated systems that require maintenance, whether Sewtec was the original OEM or not.