Pet food packaging and processing automation

The pet food industry requires automated solutions to enable the high-speed cutting, handling and packaging of products. This includes pet food processing machines, for areas such as the cutting of chews, and the picking and sorting of chubs alongside packaging machines for multipacks of products.

Automated systems are needed to ensure production lines can operate in a time efficient manner, to regulatory standards and to create accountability for the packaging.

Specialist support from Sewtec Automation

Sewtec Automation is the right partner to help you enhance your pet food processing and packaging solutions.

We are a turnkey complete line integrator, which invents unique solutions to meet our pet food customers’ requirements. Our automated systems are designed to improve your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), as well as enhance your production rate and product quality.

To give you peace of mind, we create all pet food automation systems in-house thanks to our extensive capabilities and we offer after sales support to ensure your system works as it should for its entire lifespan.

We also have working knowledge and experience in supplying machines to meet regulatory standards, such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Goods Manufacturing Practice (GMP). 

Flexible pet food packaging machines and processing automation

Our in-house capabilities enable us to create pet food processing machines and packaging solutions to enhance your production line.

High-speed solutions

Every pet food automation system we invent is designed to operate at high speeds and high volumes to increase productivity and production line efficiencies.

Primary and secondary packaging

Our pet food packaging automation is designed to pack animal feed and treats in a time efficient manner. We develop systems to apply primary packaging onto naked products and secondary packaging to make products ready for retail or to place them in multipacks.

Cutting technology

Our pet food processing machines use innovative and effective cutting technologies. We use static and rotary blades, as well as ultrasonic and guillotine systems to cut products such as dog chews and treats.

Product handling

Enabling smooth transitions between supply machinery, our product handling solutions increase the productivity and efficiency of your pet food processing automation. We develop and implement row aligners and feeders, lane doublers and First In, Last Off (FILO) and First In, First Off (FIFO) buffers.

Case packaging machine

We implement high-speed case packaging machines within production lines to increase throughput and prepare cases for distribution.

Carton erector machine

Our carton erector machines increase the performance, quality and reliability of your pet food packaging systems.

Track and trace

We design and implement serialisation systems for pet food packaging lines to ensure products can be tracked and traced at each stage of the process. Our systems can assist in the process of recalling products in the event of a quality control issue.


By utilising third-party suppliers such as Siemens, Rockwell and Schneider Electric, we can offer a range of advanced robotic solutions to add flexibility to your pet food systems.

Research and design (R&D)

Our in-house research and design provisions can assist in making your product or packaging Design For Automation (DFA) ready.

Pet food packaging and processing case studies

Sewtec Automation has designed, built and installed pet food packaging machines and processing automation for global brands within the industry.

Find out more about our inventive solutions by reading this case study on an end of line packaging solution for Pets Choice.