Beverage packaging system automation

To meet the demand of the supply chain, the beverage industry requires efficient secondary packaging solutions to prepare products for retail.

Once a beverage has been concealed within its primary container, it needs placing within its secondary packaging. This packaging could be a case, carton, or wrapping. With a high throughput of containers, the industry requires automated packaging systems to place products within the secondary package at high speeds.

Accountability is also a key consideration of the manufacturing process. Automated beverage packaging systems need to provide high quality output to ensure condition and safety standards are met.

Specialist support from Sewtec Automation

Sewtec Automation is a turnkey provider of beverage packaging automation. We are a complete line integrator, allowing us to design automated solutions to meet your production line requirements.

Our beverage packaging solutions are designed to improve your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), production rate, and quality of your product packaging. All of our beverage packaging machinery is designed and developed in house, giving you added peace of mind.

We work in compliance with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) when creating beverage packaging systems. We also have extensive knowledge of developing track and trace systems for production lines.

High-speed drinks packaging automation

Our automated packaging solutions are designed to help improve the speed, productivity and efficiency of your production line.

High-speed solutions

We design packaging systems for the beverage industry to run at high speeds and ensure products are packed efficiently.

Secondary packaging

Our secondary packaging solutions efficiently handle individual beverage containers and place them within cases, cartons, or wrapping in preparation of distribution.

Case packaging machine

For drinks retailing in multipacks, we design beverage packaging automation systems which accurately and efficiently place containers within cases.

Carton erector machine

We develop carton erecting solutions to open, fold and form the packaging, in preparation of the product being packed within it.

Carton packaging machine

Our smart packaging solutions can place individual beverage containers into cartons, ready for the next stage of the manufacturing process.

Case loading machine

To ensure products are prepared for distribution, our case loading machines efficiently pack beverages for palletising.

Track and trace/serialisation systems

We develop and build track and trace systems for the beverage industry to meet required regulations. These solutions apply unique serialisation coding onto products during production and packaging to enhance traceability across the supply chain.

Product handling

To ensure your product moves efficiently through the manufacturing process, we build product handling systems to meet your requirements.

Assembly systems

We have experience in building assembly machines to suit any factory space, handle any cycle time and meet mass production requirements.

Research and design (R&D)

Our in-house R&D team can advise on the overall design of your product or packaging. This can help you create a beverage product which is Design For Automation (DFA) ready.

Beverage packaging systems case studies

Our in-house capabilities enable us to work in partnership with you on your next beverage packaging solution.

Find out more about our experience in developing beverage packaging systems by reading this case study on tea bag packaging.