Tea bag machines and packing machine repair

Sewtec Automation can refurbish older tea bag making machines, regardless of the original manufacturer, including IMA C50/C51s and C24 tea bag machines. We can also design and build custom tea bag processing, tea box packaging machines and packaging equipment to suit individual customer requirements.

Tetley Tea machine overhaul and upgrade, TATA

Our capabilities with tea bag making equipment

To meet the high demands of the supply chain, tea manufacturers require efficient, reliable, and future proof solutions to prepare products for retail.

Sewtec Automation is a complete line integrator, providing packaging solutions for the full beverage production line. Our automated solutions are designed to improve your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), production rate, and quality of your product packaging.

We specialise in refurbishing and upgrading third party tea bag making systems such as IMA tea bag filling and sealing machines. We can decommission, clean, re-paint, upgrade parts and assemblies, replace the control system, recommission and re-CE/UKCA mark your machines making them better than new.

We work in compliance with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) when creating beverage packaging systems. We also have extensive knowledge of developing track and trace systems for production lines.

Sewtec tea bag machine overhaul case study

This tea bag machine overhaul included a full mechanical and electrical controls upgrade, plus new software, to ensure the machine could not only meet the current tea bag production demand, but also managed the obsolescence issues they faced with the old machine.

Advantages of choosing Sewtec for your automated tea bag machine

Choosing to upgrade existing tea making equipment and tea box packaging machines is a more cost-effective option compared to the price of tea packing machines when purchasing new. We can also offer competitive rates to other OEMs offering machine refurbishments.

Free consultation

Sewtec offers a free, no obligation assessment of your existing equipment, regardless of the original manufacturer. Our highly qualified team of specialists will assess the opportunities you have for upgrading parts before you invest in a new automation system.

Improved efficiencies

It is possible to improve the efficiencies of some types of obsolete automation systems. Our expert engineers will work with you to identify any new requirements of the refurbished machinery. This might include increased data monitoring added to the HMI, adding in quality control inspection through vision systems, and upgrading components to reduce unwanted production downtime.

Improved speed

Our team of engineers can also look at ways to improve the speed of older machines to ensure they continue to meet the throughput challenges of the manufacturer.

Third party overhauls

If you are looking to upgrade your existing tea making equipment from another manufacturer, or considering purchasing an overhauled machine, Sewtec can provide expert advice on a wide variety of options for your machine.

Bespoke automation

Sewtec can also design, build, and install a new bespoke system if existing equipment cannot fulfil your exact requirements. These systems can be fully integrated into your existing production line, taking into consideration limited floorspace or other constraints.

Flexible, customer-first approach

We work with each of our customers to plan the most effective and efficient ways of working. We work closely with you to understand your requirements, timeframes, and challenges, planning maintenance and installations effectively to limit production downtime.

Modular approach

With Sewtec, you also have the option to include additional end of line packaging equipment from the Sewtec standard product range. These modular systems can be tailored to suit your requirements and can be integrated into your production line at any stage.

After sales and support

Sewtec can ensure your new or newly refurbished machine has the longest possible lifespan, we can install the latest Industry 4.0 technology to monitor performance and efficiencies. We can also provide bespoke after sales and spares packages to maintain the quality of the machine’s performance.