Cassie Morton, Finance apprentice

Sewtec Automation strives to nurture the next generation of talent. We offer apprenticeships across all of our industrial automation touchpoints, from finance and HR to engineering and IT.


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Read our latest day in the life feature, where we’ve spoken with our finance apprentice Cassie Morton on everything from what characteristics you need to succeed in a finance role, to how Sewtec has supported her ongoing development.

Q: Tell us about your typical working day

Cassie Morton (CM): There is no typical working day at Sewtec – every day is a new challenge. My days can vary between making payments, contacting suppliers, speaking with colleagues regarding purchase orders and monitoring different spreadsheets.

Q: What made you choose a career in finance?

CM: Honestly, finance was not my first choose for a career, as I was looking to go into admin or HR work. I came to Sewtec for work experience and started helping the finance team with reconciling statements and checking purchase orders – and I also love a good spreadsheet! When applying for the finance apprentice role after reading the job description, I knew that finance was for me.

Q: What would you say the best thing about working at Sewtec is?

CM: The best thing about working at Sewtec is having the opportunity to watch the company grow on a day-to-day basis and expand my working knowledge as we continue to grow. It’s also great having a good relationship with all employees.

Q: Name three characteristics you would say are needed to work in finance?

CM: Working in Finance you must be very honest if you have made any mistakes, a good problem solver and be able to meet all deadlines.

Q: What’s been your proudest moment whilst working at Sewtec?

CM: My proudest moment working at Sewtec is having the opportunity to become the first ever finance apprentice and knowing the team has the confidence in me to succeed.

Q: Do you feel inspired by working as part of an award-winning team?

CM: I feel very honored to be working with an award-winning team and it makes me want to succeed and become the best person I can be.

Q: How have you developed your skills whilst working at Sewtec?

CM: I have developed my skills by asking questions when I feel I need to and taking on tasks that aren’t on my daily to-do list. I have also achieved my Level 2 AAT and carried on my development in Level 3 Advance Bookkeeping.

Q: What do you make of Sewtec’s move to the brand-new facility at Wakefield?

CM: I am very grateful to have seen the new facility be built and be one of the first to work in the brand-new offices.

Q: How do you think the new facility will help improve your day-to-day role and help the business grow?

CM: The new facility will attract new customers who will be very proud to know that their machines are being built at such an impressive facility.

Q: What aspirations do you have for your career at Sewtec moving forward?

CM: Moving forward I would like to continue my career in finance and move onto doing my Level 4 and either doing my CIMA or ACCA qualification. I believe that Sewtec will lead me in the correct path and help me achieve my goals.


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