Tomas Preidys, C.N.C machinist apprentice

Our goal at Sewtec is to help nurture the next generation of engineers through not only spreading the word about how rewarding the automation industry is to work in, but also by offering apprenticeship schemes and graduate positions.

Male employee working whilst smiling at camera

An apprentice training to become a C.N.C machinist, Tomas Preidys has given us his thoughts on how he’s found his first year working at Sewtec and why he chose a career in automation.

Q: Tell us about your typical working day

Tomas Preidys (TP): My day-to-day routine usually follows a similar pattern, however I’m always tasked with working on different briefs. After coming in on time, I get placed and set up on one of the C.N.C machines before being handed the drawings I’ll be working on that day. From these drawings, I’ll create the unique components that will become part of an automation solution.

Q: What made you choose the career in automation?

TP: I first came across automation when I was studying in college. The idea of working on innovative machines really resonated with me and I felt that a career in automation would be the right move.

Q: What would you say the best thing about working at Sewtec is?

TP: I’d say the best thing about working at Sewtec is the people you interact with on a daily basis. Even as an apprentice, I feel very much a part of the wider team and enjoy being able to speak with people across all levels of the business.

Q: Name three characteristics you would say are needed to work in automation.

TP: To work in automation, you need to be both humble and focused to succeed on the task at hand. You also need to have a willingness to learn, as this is an ever-progressing and ever-developing sector.

Q: What’s been your proudest moment, while working at Sewtec?

TP: My proudest moment working at the company was producing the first components with Sewtec Standards.

Q: Do you feel inspired by working as part of an award-winning team?

TP: Yes, it’s definitely a motivating factor.

Q: How have you developed your skills whilst working at Sewtec?

TP: Throughout my apprenticeship here at Sewtec, I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside some brilliant, intelligent engineers who have been able to help develop my skills through offering support, advice and guidance.

Q: What aspirations do you have for your career at Sewtec moving forward?

TP: My goal is to keep progressing, complete my apprenticeship and become a skilled engineer.


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