Automated tea bag packaging machine boosts product throughput

Black and white image of beverage machinery


Our customer produces tea bags for retail sale and needed a system to facilitate multiple carton packaging at high speed to meet their demanding product fulfilment schedule.

Sewtec’s engineering team was engaged to design a system that would apply secondary packaging to the highest standard, whilst working at speeds allowing for maximum product throughput.


On assessing the customer’s existing system, the team was able to pinpoint areas where the production process could be improved through the introduction of a custom designed product buffer solution.

The new tea bag packaging machine comprises a twin-lane carton packing system with a custom bypass/re-feed function and a custom product buffer.


Thanks to the addition of the new automated secondary packaging machine, our customer was able to:

  • Pack up to four different carton styles to a maximum speed of 120ppm
  • Maintain continuous operation of all upstream equipment despite any downstream stoppages