Pharmaceutical labelling and serialisation solution applies tamper labels at high speed


Our customer was looking to introduce a system to apply tamper labels and unique device identification (UDI) labels to a variety of pharmaceutical products at high speeds.

The new labelling system also had to integrate with an existing checkweigher, which required a conveyor system to transfer and feed the products into the labelling system.

The machine then had to include a transfer system that fed the labelled cartons into the next stage of the packaging line.


The Sewtec engineering team designed a fully automated and bespoke pharmaceutical labelling and serialisation solution to apply labels quickly, in large volumes, to the correct place on the packaging.

To ensure the various carton sizes were fed into the system in the correct position, a flighted conveyor system was designed to orientate the products 90°. The flighted conveyor was also adjustable to accommodate different size cartons.

The machine facilitates two tamper evident labels across the opening flap and, where required, across the cross-lock on larger cartons.

The machine design incorporated a custom vision system to check the orientation of the product before the label application and quality check the label once applied.

The vision system also verifies the applied code and sends this data back to a central database where the product can be traced through the whole supply chain.

The system also includes a mechanism to handle any rejected products.


The system operates at 50 units per minute and accommodates multiple sizes of cartons for labelling. It also has the ability to change over from one parameter to another via hand dials and without the need for tools.

The equipment is designed to operate in a clean room class ISO8 and was delivered with a validation documentation package consisting of:

  • Functional and Software Design Specification (FSDS).
  • Failure Mode Event Analysis (FMEA)
  • Operator and Maintenance Manual.
  • IQ documentation on Sewtec borders.