Jacob Maan, IT apprentice

The team at Sewtec Automation is more than just engineers. All of our departments collaborate to enable us to invent industrial automation systems for our customers.

Engineer adjusting cables

An IT apprentice, Jacob Maan has shared his thoughts on why he chose IT for a career and how the move to our new facility will improve his day-to-day working life.

Q: Tell us about your typical working day

Jacob Maan (JM): A typical working day would involve a morning catch-up meeting with my line manager Phil Crowder, where we would discuss tasks for the day and any future tasks. Throughout the day, I make sure to look around the building to ensure there is no IT equipment laying around, so it keeps the working environment tidy.

Q: What made you choose a career in IT?

JM: I chose a career in IT as I think technology is a big part of everyday life, not just at work. There are also a lot of courses you can do in IT, ranging from web design to learning about different coding languages, so there are many different attributes you can acquire during a career in IT.

Q: What would you say the best thing about working at Sewtec is?

JM: Sewtec provides a ‘family like’ working environment as I have a good relationship with everyone within the business. But the most important factor is that I enjoy coming into work on morning and hate leaving!

Q: Name three characteristics you would say are needed to work in IT?

JM: I would say the main three characteristics required to work in IT are patience, composure and drive.

Q: What has been your proudest moment whilst working at Sewtec?

JM: My proudest moment is helping migrate majority of the servers from our old Ravensthorpe site to our new Wakefield facility and making sure everything ran smoothly.

Q: Do you feel inspired by working as part of an award-winning team?

JM: I do feel inspired as I can see the quality of each department, especially in IT and the way Phil works, I aspire to be at those standards in the years to come.

Q: How have you developed your skills whilst working at Sewtec?

JM: I have definitely developed my IT skills whilst working here as I understand how to use different tools, such as Active Directory, and have gained knowledge around different IT equipment, which has made life easier when completing tasks on a day-to-day basis.

Q: What do you make of Sewtec’s move to the brand-new facility at Wakefield?

JM: The new Wakefield facility is amazing and will take Sewtec to the next level in terms of size and scalability. It brings a new lease of life to the company and it is almost like the start of a new chapter.

Q: How do you think the new facility will help improve your day-to-day role and help the business grow?

JM: As the new facility is much bigger in size, it allows us to store our IT equipment in a tidier manner, so in terms of organisation, the new facility has helped the IT department.

Q: What aspirations do you have for your career at Sewtec moving forward?

JM: Moving forward, I want to be able to organise my own projects and get involved with more meetings to become innovative and share my ideas and concepts. This would not only contribute towards the business, but it would also develop management skills in the long run hopefully.


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