MBA Students from German University visit Sewtec

28 June 2023

Sewtec recently welcomed MBA students from Frankfurt, Germany to Automation House for a tour of our facilities and gain an insight in the work we do.

Huddersfield University’s Dr Imran Ali Syed, PhD,  led a group of enthusiastic logistics and supply chain German MBA students to visit Sewtec with the aim of providing an up-close and comprehensive understanding of the intricacies involved in invention, design, manufacturing, installation and support. The students are spending a few days visiting Huddersfield University and whilst in the area they will visit a number of businesses in the local area.

Dr Imran, stated, the group delved into the heart of Sewtec’s operations, observing skilled workers utilising cutting-edge machinery to transform raw materials into finished products. The students gained a profound appreciation for the coordination required to synchronize production processes with inventory management, ensuring timely delivery to customers. The trip culminated in a dynamic panel discussion, where industry experts shared their experiences and insights. The students eagerly absorbed valuable advice on career prospects and the importance of continuous learning in the ever-evolving field of logistics, supply chain management and engineering designs.”

A massive thank you to Charles Boswell and Mark Atkins for hosting us at Sewtec Automation, sharing their expertise and for continued support of Huddersfield University Business School.