Sewtec delivers a robot top loader to the bakery sector

30 September 2004

Reducing labour costs at a leading manufacturer with the introduction of a new Sewtec top-loading robot.

Machinery in action

A leading European manufacturer of biscuits and snacks, has improved production efficiency and reduced labour costs at its Aintree factory on its end of line packaging for cracker biscuits, with the introduction of a two-axis, top loading robot from Sewtec Automation.

The system is controlled using an Allen Bradley PLC-based system, installed and configured by Sewtec and incorporating an Allen-Bradley HMI, providing functions at two levels. Its easy-to-use format allows operator input for simple functional commands at one level and access for programming/fault diagnosis by maintenance engineers at a higher level.

Since its commissioning in August 2004, product throughput on the line has risen by 12-15 per cent.