Sewtec’s Business Support Director Provides Insight at Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering Conference

30 November 2022

Hosted by Insider Media, the Centres of Excellence: Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering Conference took place on the 30th November

Taking place at the Mowbray in the industrial heartland of Sheffield, expert speakers were invited to share their thoughts across three separate panels covering ‘Accelerating Automation’, ‘Creating Clusters’ and ‘Enabling Excellence’ respectively.

With a mixture of discussion and advice covering how digital technologies, including robotics, Artificial Intelligence, 3D printing, and the Internet of Things could revolutionise manufacturing processes, it was an insightful event for all.

As part of panel 1, Sewtec’s Business Support Director Mark Atkins covered topics relating to ‘Accelerating Automation’ and provided thoughts and insight from his 23 years’ experience on how the staffing shortage throughout manufacturing has led to an increase in automation, and how companies can utilise this to increase productivity, but also create new jobs within the sector.

“It was a great event and I’m honoured I was asked to be a part of it” said Mark. “Sharing not only the stage but also my thoughts with other great minds within the industry made it a really good learning experience.”

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