Spear Leeds Visit Sewtec

7 October 2022

Created by London-based non-profit charity Resurgo, the Spear Programme aims to help young people get into work. At Sewtec, we firmly believe in supporting those within the local area and helping our community flourish, and so we were simply honoured to be able to support this initiative.

On 26th September, a group of young individuals visited Sewtec throughout the afternoon as part of the Spear Programme, to help introduce them to the world of work and showcase the possibilities that are out there.

What is Spear?

The Spear Programme was set up to support 16-24 year-olds who are not currently in work to help them overcome the challenges that they face, supporting them to get into and succeed in long-term employment positions through an award-winning programme. This comprises of a six-week coaching programme and a year of ongoing support.

As part of this 6-week course, Sewtec invited in a group of Spear trainees from Spear Leeds to discuss what we do as a company, and to open the room to any of their thoughts and feelings in terms of their potential career paths.

The Session

Split into three groups, each team were tasked with separate projects, overseen by Sewtec employees from different departments – the aim being for them to work collaboratively and develop valuable problem-solving skills together. It was fantastic to see the teams work so well with us at Sewtec; the room was filled with discussion and all the trainees contributed fantastically to their projects.

They were asked to present their projects to the other groups at the end, developing key public speaking skills, with Sewtec providing valuable positive feedback.

Afterwards, we gave them a tour around our 75,000 square ft facility, showcasing each department and hopefully sparking intrigue regarding the vast array of job roles we have at Sewtec.

It was fantastic to see how much these young individuals enjoyed their time with us, and the effort and energy they contributed too; we hope their trip instilled some inspiration for their future career paths.

Think Sewtec is the right business to support your charity? We’d love to hear how we can support and nurture the local area in any way we can, so please get in touch.