Sewtec’s pharmaceutical capabilities

28 January 2022

The pharmaceutical industry is progressing more rapidly by the day. In just the last two years alone, our pharmaceutical clients have witnessed tremendous growth in market demand. And with the COVID-19 pandemic persisting, there is increased pressure on manufacturers to meet fast-growing production schedules.

Pharmaceutical bottling factory

Sewtec can support your business in scaling up production whilst also meeting stringent industry standards. Read on to learn more about our pharmaceutical capabilities and how we can help your company meet supply chain demand.

Assembly systems

Advancing technologies, changing regulations and increased competition mean that it is paramount for pharmaceutical companies to improve their processes. The best way to do this is to take advantage of assembly system automation.

We supply high performance modules that are technically robust and can meet the required repeatability. For our pharmaceutical clients, this usually includes:

  • Accurate product assembly, in-line checking and verification systems
  • Flexible and fully controllable intelligent product transport systems
  • Robotic, EOAT (end of arm tooling) and integrated systems for Clean Room operation

Improved productivity will help lower costs and increase profits. Profits can then be used to further aid research and development, as well as potential modernisations or upgrades. Plus, optimised production processes will also make it easier for your business to comply with stringent pharmaceutical regulations, but we’ll dive into this a little deeper below.

Product handling

In order to improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), it’s also wise to take a close look at product handling on the production line.  Developing a streamlined process and lowering costs are the ultimate outcomes for most businesses. However, high speed production lines can be tricky to manage – especially in the pharmaceutical sector.

The misalignment of packs as they travel, unplanned downtime and blockages are all too common problems for pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers. Thankfully, we can supply unscrambling feed systems and sortation systems that will ensure highly efficient product and process flow through.

On top of that, highly accurate dispensing, measurement and weight verification, as well as the vigilant design of product contact points will come in handy when it comes to eliminating the introduction of any imperfections. We also specialise in supplying product handling systems designed to delicately handle medicines and drugs – many of which have challenging characteristics – using specially designed contact manipulation and sensors.


Of course, secondary and tertiary packaging solutions are an important part of any production process. However, given the sensitive nature of pharmaceutical products, it’s crucial to take the utmost care. That way, you can rest easy knowing that the quality of the drug has not been compromised.

There are rigorous industry standards that pharmaceutical companies must adhere to. Chief among these is the required ISO Cleanroom Classification. An ISO classification gives the concentration of airborne non-viable particles in any class. These non-viable particles may cause contamination in pharmaceutical sterile preparations and can be difficult to control.

The good news is that we can supply you with ergonomic, stainless steel machinery that meets 21 CFR Part11 (CFR 21 PArt 11) compliance. By cutting the red tape, you can then focus on the other important aspects of your business.

It’s also imperative that products are clearly labelled and that packaging shows all the correct information. Our team of specialists will work closely with you to design and supply high speed automated packaging solutions that are integrated throughout your supply chain and, more importantly, will not compromise quality or safety. Plus, you will have much-needed peace of mind that your products are TÜV SÜD valid and meet the Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) compliance requirements.

Head here to read our case study on pharmaceutical labelling and serialisation solutions.

Testing and inspection

Arguably, product testing and inspection are more important in the pharmaceutical industry than in any other sector. It’s crucial that you make sure that products are safe for human consumption and meet industry standards before they leave your facility – especially if you are hoping to secure marketing approval for new drugs in the future or even just continued certification for the safe production of products already available on the market.

Part of this process will involve regular testing and inspection, such as:

  • Accurate weight measurement and verification using closed-loop feedback intelligence
  • Metal and foreign particle detection
  • Highly sensitive material and component inspection
  • Vision – this includes liquid levels, quality inspection, label readability, label positional accuracy, 2D and pharma code readability and verification

Track and trace

Track and trace systems are of vital importance in the pharmaceutical sector. But they are not just in place to prevent counterfeit products from entering the market.

Even if you’re new to the pharmaceutical sector, you will know that drug recalls are quite common. Whilst most drug recalls are minor, it’s important to protect the public from potentially harmful or defective products. Part of this process requires manufacturers to ensure a supply chain that guarantees the recall of products. This means that accountability is needed throughout the supply chain.

During the production and packaging stage, our track and trace systems will apply unique identifier codes that stay on each product even after they have reached their intended destination. This makes the recall and return process much more accurate and smooth. What’s more, you won’t need to worry about any products being shipped without a unique code. In order to move through each stage of the packing process, every product must be validated, verified and authenticated.

With extensive experience and knowledge of this complex sector and the regulations surrounding it, our experts at Sewtec are perfectly placed to help you with your automation needs in the pharmaceutical space.

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